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I think you are going to like what you see...

The Knowledge Coop is excited to give you access to specially discounted CE through a custom portal thanks to our new partnership with Brokers Are Better and AIME!

Here is a link to your Brokers Are Better CE Coop

Click on "Create Account" to start an account and log into the system. 

All the CE is available and ready to go. It is discounted already for Brokers so no need to use a code! 
You will buy each course that you need in the system directly. 

How much?  Glad you asked... (all prices include NMLS banking fees)

8 Hour SAFE Comprehensive CE - $96.15
7 Hour SAFE Core CE - $86.15
3 Hour (state) - $37.65
2 Hour (state) - $27.65
1 Hour (state) - $17.75
Every purchase also helps Brokers Are Better do what they do best!

Looking to get licensed in a new state? State PE is available in the Brokers Are Better Coop as well!


             Pricing (includes NMLS Fees):

              4 Hour (state) - $69.75
              3 Hour (state) - $59.75
              2 Hour (state) - $49.75
              1 Hour (state) - $39.75


Did you know that Ken Perry started the Knowledge Coop 16 years ago to serve the mortgage industry by providing them training that wouldn't bore them?  Did you know that the company's first name was Broker Knowledge Group? As an AE he experienced loan officers doing unethical and non-compliant things all the time and when he asked why, they said training was boring and horrible and they questioned why anyone would want to be compliant. 
So Ken set out to change the world with better training and happened to be in the midst of 2007 and all that came with it.  So you could say we are part of the OG when it comes to SAFE NMLS CE...but we definitely do not do anything "old."  

If you receive an error when attempting to log into the system that says your account already exists - please email us at with your email address you're attempting to use and we will get you imported into the Brokers Are Better Coop!

Any other support help can be received by emailing and please tell us you're a part of Brokers Are Better when reaching out. 


What do your fellow Brokers and industry leaders think about our training?

Melanie Walburg

The best continuing education course for loan originators, period! I'll never go back to my previous CE course providers. The Knowledge Coop makes the CE so easy! Thank you! Destiny Mortgage Lending // GA Residential Mortgage Lic. 20553; NMLS 166294


Josh Pitts

Look, we know CE isn't "sexy" or supposed to be fun. But if you HAVE to spend hours of your time learning something, you might as well actually LEARN SOMETHING. Thankfully there is ONE company that makes an IMPACT with their Online CE by being fun and interesting. The Knowledge Coop IS that company. Seriously, why waste your time on anything else? The Knowledge Coop is also the FIRST service provider that is #ShredVetted.

Brendan McKay

Still writing loans for at least one more year. If you haven't done your CE yet, check out Knowledge Coop. It's still CE, but it's about as entertaining and enjoyable as CE gets. McKay Mortgage Company, LLC - NMLS #1590323