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Clayton Ramos

Media Production Specialist


Greetings! My name is Clayton, I was born and raised in The San Francisco Bay Area and I design and produce content for the knowledge coop! As a child, If I wasn’t outside exploring my craving for adventure, I was inside exploring my creative curiosity. From building worlds out of legos, designing outrageous cars, and making embarrassing videos(that you may or may not be able to find online), creating was always my passion.

In 2012, I left for the Army where I served as an infantryman for 3.5 years. I travelled all over, making friends from walks of life so very different than my own. My unique experiences in the military eventually brought me to the pacific Northwest where I have continued to fulfill my craving for both adventure and creating! Im a Tetris master, I can play Jenga with my feet, and my beard rivals that of a young Saint Nick.


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