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Jenn Theone

Executive Assistant to the President & Coop Cares Lead Storyteller


Jenn was raised in Austin, Texas where she learned her love of sunshine, tye-dye, and flip flops. She followed her love for the outdoors to attend Texas State University where she studied International Relations and Spanish as an exchange student in Chile. 
Upon graduation, she took off to work for an American education institute in the hills of rural Panama that was building a sustainable community from the ground up. Jenn's role was to engage the local Panamanians, teach English in primary schools, and act as a liaison between them and the institute. 
She spent 18 months in Panama and her time there solidified her affection for youth, the Spanish language, and authentic human interaction. She came home to Austin where she spent countless hours volunteering in local politics and advocating for the homeless community.
She began her work with The Knowledge Coop as a contractor writing test material for their courses. Eventually, the company was in a hiring phase and she moved up to Portland to start as an administrative assistant. Since her start in April 2017, she's morphed into the Executive Assistant and Coop Cares Lead Story Teller. Her new role suits her passions perfectly!

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