Mellissa Sanders

Mellissa Sanders was born and raised in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.  As a child she loved cooking, which translated into studying the culinary arts throughout her school years.  After graduating, Mellissa got the chance to work in a kitchen as a cook and discovered that cooking was a passion best kept for home and that she’d much rather work with people.  13 years in the restaurant industry, a life change and a manager taking a chance – Mellissa leapt into the professional world. 

Her first foray into the office setting was a success.  A year in she got her first promotion into Administration.  While an Administrator, Mellissa worked with management to come up with new, more efficient procedures as well as writing the new training manuals for future Admins.  Only 6 months in Administration, Mellissa was given another promotion into Billing.  In the Billing department she worked with a team to come up with a new role which helped revamp how the whole department ran.

After almost 3 years, it was time for a change and that’s when Mellissa found KnowledgeCoop. Within a few short months, she knew she had found her forever home.  Mellissa wears several hats at the Coop, the main one being Coop Coach.  As Coop Coach she works with the compliance teams of our clients to help deliver quality training to their people.  Mellissa is also the tech support for and works closely with the programmers to find and squish bugs as well as implement new features.

Outside of the Coop you can find Mellissa hanging out with her family and friends playing board games, walking the dog and working on her next craft project.