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Nathan Knottingham

Director of Content Development


Nathan Knottingham is a Northwest Local with roots in Oregon for five generations.  He currently lives in Washington with his wife, Billie, and two children - Titus and Trinity. 

Nathan entered the mortgage industry May of 2007 as a Licensed Loan Originator in Oregon.  During the next 5 years he built his business as a loan officer in a private brokerage while the industry was changing just as fast as he was learning.  But those years were some of his favorite and even though he had to leave the industry for a time to support the family he found a passion and love for policy, training, and leadership in the Mortgage industry.  

After serving as the President/CEO for the McMinnville Area Chamber of Commerce Nathan joined The Knowledge Coop as the Director of Content Development in August of 2016.  His passion, public speaking, and love for people make him a great addition to the Coop!

Nathan looks forward to engaging the industry in up to date information and training that will help all professionals be the best, and most productive, that they can be. 


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