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Sawyer Jones



Sawyer is originally from California, but spent significant time growing up in France and Morocco where he learned to speak and love the language of French. He returned to the US in order to complete his education and graduated Magna Cum Laude from Biola University with a degree in Business Administration. He has since moved up to join the rest of the Knowledge Coop in Camas, Wa.
He has been involved in the Real Estate and Property Management industries, and in the process, he learned how much he enjoyed taking systems and making them more efficient. Using his love of travel and his affinity for French, he spent some time with a start-up company that was shipping rugs out of Morocco. Sawyer also gained experience in the shipping and warehousing industry in Los Angeles before finding a home at the Coop. Sawyer enjoys problem-solving and thinking creatively, and strives to bring that to bear on a daily basis at the Knowledge Coop.
Hiking and enjoying his hammock are two of Sawyer’s favorite activities, and the Pacific North West is vibrant and full of places to explore. He enjoys these morning hikes in the beautiful forests of Washington while listening to his EDM and letting his red hair flow wild. Sawyer is also an avid gamer both with board games and tabletop RPG’s as well as video games. In his free time, he enjoys writing and creating characters both for his stories as well as his tabletop campaigns.

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