Coop Summit 2020 - Be the Hero!

Coop Summit 2020 - Be the Hero!

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Coop Summit 2020 - Be the Hero!

Coop Summit 2020 is all about making you the hero.
Have you struggled with getting comfortable in front of the camera?
Have you tried wrangling the stray Loan Officer before they make a costly mistake?
Have you ever wanted to throw your computer out the window while trying to figure out how to get the quiz to do what you want?
This year we're focusing on making you shine with not just your team and work friends - but the angsty LO who just wants to post about rates on Facebook and the Executive who wants to know ...what is it exactly that you do here....?

    Workshop Cost: $399/person


     VENUE TBD - Will still be in PDX

     Date and Time:

    May 14th and 15th



    We will serve breakfast and lunch both days

    What should I bring?

    Notebook and writing utensils


    What should I wear?

    It is August in the Pacific NW - it is going to be HOT.  This is informal, we'll be dressed for the weather, you should be too. The room has AC, but outside does not. The room also has ceilings and walls, outside does not but rain is uncommon in August. You're likely good with jeans and t-shirts, but make sure you have a light jacket and umbrella handy as well!

    Places to Stay:


    Have Questions?

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