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Kentucky 1 Hour Online CE 2023
Kentucky 1 Hour Online CE 2023
Kentucky 1 Hour Online CE 2023
Kentucky 1 Hour Online CE 2023
Kentucky 1 Hour Online CE 2023
Kentucky 1 Hour Online CE 2023

Kentucky 1 Hour Online CE 2023

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This online course is designed to meet your 1 hour SAFE Act continuing education requirements in the state of Kentucky. You will also need to complete the federal SAFE Act requirements to maintain your license.

1-Hour KY SAFE CE 2023 Online

• Know the limitations on total net income to originating entity (KRS 286.8-125).

• Understand the requirements for proper advertising standards. Express how all advertising, even in individual websites and social media, is required to note employer and include the proper NMLS numbers of both the MLO and employer.

• Articulate the duties required to be performed in the “mortgage lending process” as defined in KRS 286.8-010(17) and that they are required to be performed at a licensed location.

• Examine case studies and real life examples and compare them to Kentucky state laws.

• Cover Kentucky specific mortgage and SAFE Act laws.


Meet Your Instructors

Ken Perry is the President and Founder of Knowledge Coop (KC), a training and consulting firm that specializes in mortgage education. As a 20-year veteran of the mortgage industry, Ken’s vast interactions training mortgage professionals inspired him to pursue his dream of bringing positive change to the mortgage industry on a much larger scale. The Knowledge Coop is an approved course provider of the National Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS) and is dedicated to bringing a unique, not-what-you-expect style of education to clients by mixing passion and humor with extreme knowledge.

Sawyer Jones came to The Knowledge Coop shortly after graduating with a degree in Business Administration from Biola University. He has lived in Europe and North Africa and speaks French fluently. Sawyer has also been involved in the Real Estate and Property Management industries. Sawyer enjoys problem-solving, thinking creatively, and strives to bring that to bear on a daily basis at the Knowledge Coop through creating engaging content.