About us

Ken is the Founder and CEO of the Knowledge Coop. He loves staying in hotels and being on airplanes. He has over 16 years of experience teaching mortgage professionals and regulators.

Mellissa Sanders is the Engagement Director. She has a love of bourbon and boardgames. Years of people services have left her well prepared to engage with clients and customers.

Sawyer Jones is on the content team. He loves boardgames and goldfish crackers. He graduated with a degree in Business Administration, and has lived all over the world.

Ren Reed is on the content team. He loves making sardonic remarks and eating deluxe Reeses cups. Ren has spent years honing his artistic eye, and can wield the blade tool like a master.

Andrea Curry (also known as ACDC) is our Finance Director. Her Jeep and her dogs are the greatest joys this life could ever bring. Her years of financial expertise have been instrumental throughout her time here with us.

Jim Smith is the Vice President of Sales and a 22 year veteran of the mortgage business. He loves good steak and well-made Old Fashioned's, but is most passionate about mortgage education. He and his wife are also empty nesters, photographers, and scooter riders.

Jen Manullang is our Director of Training Content. She loves belting Broadway tunes without waiting for you ask, and wants to officiate your next wedding. She has vast industry experience in training delivery, development, and e-learning.

Rebecca Maehlum is the Executive Assistant. She is a professional cat herder, wrangling the team and managing events. She has over a decade of EA and events management experience but she swears she's still cool.

Our Story

The Knowledge Coop was born out of Ken Perry's desire to help Loan Officers and the mortgage industry serve customers while remaining compliant. He saw the opportunity to provide training and materials that are engaging and relevant while remaining fun. We have been there with the industry through the ups and downs, and we plan on continuing to provide training that goes above and beyond expectations.

What's important to us

Experience is everything, and we want yours to be the best it can be. Each course that we provide is designed to engage you and teach you while also being entertaining. To stay at the top of our game, we are constantly evaluating our materials, methods, and feedback so that we can stay fresh and relevant. From live events to online classes, we care about quality. Whatever medium you experience us in, we want to hear your feedback about it. If you have something to share with us, email us now at info@knowledgecoop.com