Extraordinary products and service Require Extraordinary People.

Allison Sadewasser 

Chief Operating Officer

Jean-Louis Ledanois

Chief Strategy Officer

Ken Perry

President and CEO

Kirk Faulkner

Chief Relationship Officer

Andrew Lunceford

Platform Usability Analyst

Andy Chandler

Video Content Producer

Angie Daby

Events Manager

Annie Mellor.jpg__PID:b84f4984-d1b6-4cc0-8df1-378e781308bb

Annie Mellor

Senior Training Specialist

Brendan Gill

Video Content Producer

Carli Pilcher

Director of Client Success

Cecily Clark

Client Success Manager

Claire Von Rohr

Director of Content Operations

David Harrsch

Customer Service & IT Coordinator

Jen Keyes

Marketing Manager

John Hines


Jana Weiland

Director of Platform Services

Mac McElveny

Sales Manager

Maggie Dunn

Director of Revenue Operations

Marshall Hasenbeck

Client Success Manager

Robert Pinedo

Client Success Manager

Tyler Collins

Senior Designer

Our Story

At The Knowledge Coop, we're passionate about delivering top-notch, engaging training for the mortgage industry. Our aim? To ensure that both lenders and borrowers come out on top. With a wide array of Federal and State CE, PE, and an extensive library of compliance and job training materials, we're here to boost your standing as a knowledgeable and trusted mortgage professional. Our team of instructors and producers are constantly refining our courses and methods, making sure they're up-to-date and adhere to the highest standards. Plus, we offer multiple ways to learn – join us online or join us at our live events across the USA. We're committed to providing an exceptional learning experience, keeping it fresh, relevant, and top-quality all the way!

What's Important To us

We believe that a great experience makes all the difference, and we're committed to making yours fantastic! Our courses are crafted not just to educate, but to captivate and entertain too. We're always on our toes, constantly refreshing our content and teaching methods based on what you tell us. Whether you're joining us for a live event or tuning into an online class, we promise top-notch quality every step of the way. Your thoughts mean the world to us, so don't hesitate to drop us a line at info@knowledgecoop.com with any feedback. We're all ears!