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Meet our team!

Ken Perry

President and CEO

Brian Paine

Chief Technology Officer

Andrew Lunceford

Platform Usability Analyst

Andy Chandler

Video Content Producer

Angie Daby

Live Events Manager

Alex Roberts

Client Success Manager

John Hines


Cam Morando

Brand Manager

Cecily Clark

Client Success Manager

Chris C.

IT Coordinator

Claire Von Rohr

Director of Content Operations

Gabe Crockett

Client Success Manager

Carli Pilcher

Customer Success Manager

Shawna Ziegler

Accounting Manager

Rebecca Van Stralen

Chief of Staff

Maggie Dunn

Sales Operations Manager

Ren Reed

VP of Creative Production

Shay Sluka

Marketing Specialist

Robert Pinedo

Content Licensing Administrator

Sawyer Jones

Senior Producer

Tyler Collins

Senior Designer

Zach Leitch

Director of Enterprise Services

Brendan Gill

Video Producer

Jana Light

Director of Platform Services

Lacey Salsberry

Human Resources Manager

Annie Mellor


Branden Slipp

Customer Service Representative

Tiffany Pledger


Emma Bowder

Content Coordinator

Shannon Thomas

AP/AR Specialist

Mac McElveny

Account Manager

Scott Genzer


Josh Swink

Account Executive

Our Story

The Knowledge Coop seeks to provide high-quality, engaging training for the mortgage industry so that both lenders and borrowers win. Our instructors and producers are constantly evaluating our courses, methods, and feedback to ensure our courses stay up-to-date and maintain the highest standards.With 

Federal and State CE, PE, and a large library of additional compliance and job training, the Knowledge Coop reinforces your reputation as a knowledgeable, trusted mortgage professional. Join us online or come meet us in person at our live events, located throughout the USA.

What's important to us

Experience is everything, and we want yours to be the best it can be. Each course that we provide is designed to be engaging and informative, while also being entertaining. To stay at the top of our game, we are constantly evaluating our materials, methods, and feedback so that we can stay fresh and relevant. From live events to online classes, we care about quality. Whatever medium you experience us in, we want to hear your feedback about it. If you have something to share with us, email us now at