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9/7/2017 Austin,TX- 2017 8 Hour Live CE Austin, TX Class Details
3/10/2017 Bend,OR- 2017 8 Hour Live CE Bend,OR Class Details
6/2/2017 Boise,ID- 2017 8 Hour Live CE Boise,ID Class Details
05/15/2017 Coop Summit 2017 Portland, OR Class Details
4/14/2017 Eugene,OR- 2017 8 Hour Live CE Eugene,OR Class Details
04/19/2017 Honolulu, HI- 2017 8 Hour Live CE Honolulu, HI Class Details
3/8/2017 Medford, OR- 2017 8 Hour Live CE Medford, OR Class Details
6/15/2017 Seattle,WA- 2017 8 Hour Live CE -Sponsored by Guild Mortgage Kirkland,WA Class Details
3/15/2017 Spokane,WA- 2017 8 Hour Live CE Spokane,WA Class Details
5/2/2017 Wilsonville,OR- 2017 8 Hour Live CE (A) Wilsonville, OR Class Details
9/14/2017 Wilsonville,OR- 2017 8 Hour Live CE (B) Wilsonville, OR Class Details
11/9/2017 Wilsonville,OR- 2017 8 Hour Live CE (C) Wilsonville, OR Class Details

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A Continuing Education Live Experience

We’re willing to bet you’d never thought CE could be somehow translated into a cool, live event. But think of it like music. Nothing really compares to seeing music live, right? You might forget that one time you listened to a great song in your basement, but you’ll never forget that experience of hearing it and seeing it in real life with a bunch of other fans, right? That’s because amazing experiences leave the biggest marks on our memories.

Compliance Training You Won’t (Want To) Forget

Unlike traditional CE, a torturous experience you’ll want to forget as soon as it’s over, when you leave our classes, you’ll be excited to share what you learned with your coworkers. From compelling questions and facts about the mortgage industry to interactive games and group activities, we’re pioneering a completely new approach. Thanks to the interactive styles of our expert presenters, you’ll soak up the information like a sponge and actually retain what you learned. Our CE Alive! events are an experience you won’t forget anytime soon.

NMLS-Approved Live CE Events

Scrupulous research goes on behind the scenes here to provide you with the absolute best information and CE resources, and our CE Alive! events are not only NMLS approved, we literally put the best human feet forward, killer shoes and all.


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