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Anthony Miller

Chief Executive Officer


I have spent my entire career devoted to helping small-to-medium sized businesses grow. My career began in a consultative sales position that helped business to operate more efficiently by saving both time and money. I later was fortunate enough to be able to run a petroleum company in Utah where I learned tough, but powerful lessons about business and people. After a great deal of success (due in large part to my team) I moved back to Portland and started the most ambitious project of my career. I launched Stepping Stone Solutions to help entrepreneurs with small-to-medium sized businesses grow their revenue. I was able to spend countless hours in a multitude of businesses learning and teaching people how to grow the revenue of their companies. After traveling the World and working with thousands of people to grow their business and/or careers I was offered a position at Digital Aptitude where I was able to build and refine my marketing skills while helping guide the company to a successful acquisition. By combining all of the skills I was able to learn from the talented teams I was able to work with, I am now helping The Knowledge Coop. I get to continue my passion for working with amazing businesses by helping them collaborate and stay compliant in a complex industry. Ultimately, nothing gets me more excited than helping businesses and people succeed.

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