Want Knowledge Coop Training in your own LMS?

With Coop Content Licensing, you can have it all. Work with us to get fresh, engaging , compliant training delivered straight to your LMS 

Why License Coop Content?

• Multiple industry-leading course options available from our large selection of entertaining and engaging video-based training content.

• Includes AML, BSA, UDAAP, Fair Lending, ECOA, RESPA, HMDA & more. License the content and run it in your LMS to assign courses at your discretion.

• Content delivered directly to you as SCORM files for easy integration.

• Track and report based on your LMS’s capabilities.

• Full access to courses throughout your contract timeline — assign courses on your schedule.

• Includes all future course updates or revisions. Unique per user/per month pricing model allows for payments throughout the contract length.  

For even more content options, ask us about helping you to create Custom Content. 

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