Private CE

Get the VIP Treatment

Do you have particular needs or circumstances that might require a private training? Maybe your team is super knowledgeable in one area, but not so much in another. Or maybe you just want us all to yourselves. We get it, we’re irresistible!

CE That’s as Unique as You Are

Get the ultimate treatment with CE VIP! If you want your entire team's' federal CE completed at once, if you want to know your team will get quality CE, or you just plain want to have your team on the same page – we’ve got you covered. We’ll take everything you need to know to be Regulation Ready and address your company specific questions in a private setting. Through personalized live sessions and dedicated time with our experts, we’ll help you make sure your company is Regulation Ready. Your personalized CE will integrate all the best parts of our curriculum and strengthen your team through this unique shared experience.

Customized NMLS-Approved CE Experiences

Why should you get your customized CE from us? Well, it's like the difference between grabbing a granola bar from the vending machine or ordering a freshly-prepped sandwich from your favorite local eatery, made exactly how you like, pickle on the side, and delivered to your door. Which kind of lunch would you rather have? Which kind of CE would you rather take?

Not only are our CE VIP! experiences satisfying, but all of our CE is NMLS-approved, so every ounce of info is carefully vetted by experts. Let us curate a unique CE course your people won’t forget anytime soon.