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Whether its our Coop LMS, CE, PE, or our content, our clients LOVE the Knowledge Coop!


"The Coop is the BEST tech our company uses. And we use some really good tech."
- Richard J.

"A CE where you are going to learn VALUABLE and CURRENT information about the lending industry. I highly recommend Knowledge Coop."
- Stephanie M.

"There is no other Compliance and Education provider that even comes close! They are the best!"
- Kathie T.

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The Coop makes life easy.

"We purchased the Knowledge Coop because the CFPB told us we have to train all our employees on our policies. We needed a method of distributing the training in a palatable way. Our leaders knew it would never work to put everyone in a room or online for two days and make them go over all the policies. Besides being difficult to track who attended when, it would just be so boring.

The Knowledge Coop has been a great method for distributing training on a monthly basis, giving our employees the flexibility to complete it at their convenience. It gives management excellent ability to track who does the training. We also found it to be a great data base for documents, videos and Q&A."

- Sharron G.

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"...The passion you showed for what you do and how that passion clearly shows in the delivery of the information is phenomenal. Thank you so much for being so good at what you do."
- Kristin

"The Coop serves as a vehicle for training employees, a resource to best practices by way of open discussion panels and provides me the confidence of compliance as the industry continues to evolve."
- Ho'olea

"The best continuing education course for loan originators, period! I'll never go back to my previous CE course providers. The Knowledge Coop makes CE so easy! Thank you!"
- Melanie W.

"I did my MLO PE through the Knowledge Coop. I recommend them 100%. Everyone there was extremely knowledgeable and helpful, not to mention fun. I passed my test on the first try! I am now doing all of the state PE that I can do through them. Prior to becoming a Licensed Mortgage Banker I was a real estate broker for 15 years. In that time I did a lot of classes. The Knowledge Coop definitely has the best classes around. I highly, highly recommend them!"
- Jenn R.

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Compliance Training

"First and foremost, there is no other CE done better than these guys period. You go through practical and real conversations and interviews about the different areas of CE. They include some skits too which was hilarious but so well done. To a person that hates CE, they make you like it. That good. Hell, if I catch these guys at an industry event, I’m buying them a beer. LO’s, this is a no brainer."
- Eric W.

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