3 Hour PA SAFE: State Law PE

3 Hour PA SAFE: State Law PE

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This online course is designed to meet your Pre-licensing education requirements in the state of which you have chosen. You may also need to complete the federal 20-hour SAFE Act requirement to gain your license.

3-Hour PA PE Online


This year The Knowledge Coop will walk you through an overview of NMLS-approved topics but, of course, we take a fresh and investigative approach to the information. In this class you will learn about: COURSE DESCRIPTION AND LEARNING OBJECTIVES I. Pennsylvania Department of Banking (5%) a. Regulatory authority b. Department/agency structure c. Responsibilities and limitations II. State Law and Regulation Definitions (15%) a. State law and regulation definitions III. License Law and Regulation (15%) a. Persons or entities required to be licensed i. Loan originators ii. License companies iii. Exemptions b. Licensee qualifications and application process i. Financial responsibility (surety bond, net worth, or recovery fund) ii. Background check and fingerprints (criminal check; credit report) iii. Pre-licensing education and experience iv. Testing and retesting c. Grounds for denying license i. Criminal convictions ii. Previous revocation iii. Prohibition d. License maintenance NMLS PA State-Specific PE Requirements 05172018 Page 2 i. Continuing education ii. Personal information updates and required notifications iii. Renewal iv. Record keeping and reporting v. Suspension and reinstatement IV. Compliance (55%) a. Prohibited conduct and practices b. Required conduct c. Fees and charges d. Disclosures and agreements e. Advertising f. Other (loan modification, etc.) V. Disciplinary Action (10%) a. Notifications, hearings, and appeals b. Suspension, revocation, and rescission of licenses c. Penalties/fines d. Civil and criminal liability 

Meet Your Instructors

Ken Perry is the President and Founder of Knowledge Coop (KC), a training and consulting firm that specializes in mortgage education. As a 20-year veteran of the mortgage industry, Ken’s vast interactions training mortgage professionals inspired him to pursue his dream of bringing positive change to the mortgage industry on a much larger scale. The Knowledge Coop is an approved course provider of the National Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS) and is dedicated to bringing a unique, not-what-you-expect style of education to clients by mixing passion and humor with extreme knowledge.

Nathan Knottingham is a trainer for the Knowledge Coop. He has direct experience in both the mortgage industry and in teaching higher education, combining the two to bring the best educational experience possible. Nathan has worked in loan origination, teaching, curriculum development, corporate training and development, non-profit leadership, and public speaking. He entered the mortgage industry in May of 2007 as a Licensed Loan Originator in Oregon.

Sawyer came to The Knowledge Coop shortly after graduating with a degree in Business Administration from Biola University. He has lived in Europe and North Africa and speaks French Fluently. Sawyer has also been involved in the Real Estate and Property Management industries. Sawyer enjoys problem-solving, thinking creatively, and strives to bring that to bear on a daily basis at the Knowledge Coop through creating engaging content.