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Our Story

Why do your employees come to the office? Sure, they obviously love their work, but it's more than the pursuit and achievement of career goals – they connect with what, where, and why they do the work in the first place. They want to feel like they're part of something! Everyone needs a tribe, and it's especially great if your tribe is filled with like-minded folks (cue the drums beating and visions of your coworkers dancing around a fire). But seriously, it just makes more sense to have a common platform where everyone can share information, progress, questions, lessons, and more. Nearly every aspect of your company's operations can be organized or curated through The Knowledge Coop, from onboarding new employees to sharing a vital question about compliance rules. Plus, our CE Alive! Events, Boot Camps, and retreats bring your teams closer to their common goals and one another.

When Ken Perry started The Knowledge Coop in 2003, he knew he was on to something. This was something different. Never one to color inside the lines, he knew his ideas for improving the mortgage industry were totally unheard of, but that's exactly why they would work. Why stay stuck in the past with rigid training regimens and black-and-white rules? Ken thought there was a brighter, more colorful, and even more effective way of helping mortgage lenders stay Regulation Ready. Fast forward a few years, with a team of intelligent, driven, and highly creative individuals assembled, The Knowledge Coop has made its mark on the industry.

Our Deal

The Knowledge Coop is a mortgage compliance company committed to helping lenders become “Regulation Ready” with tools and services that make it easy and fun to assign, complete, track, and report on your compliance activities. We keep you connected to your people and engaged in the latest industry best practices. We offer Continuing Education, Consulting, and best of all, the members-only compliance tool “The Knowledge Coop.”

We're curators and creators, connecting people from multiple levels of the industry to one another with one common cause – helping mortgage lenders stay Regulation Ready at all times. We breathe fun and energy into your day-to-day. We genuinely enjoy turning the yawn-worthy into jaw-dropping and laugh-inducing, and our training videos and live events are perfect examples. You'd be hard-pressed to find anything like it anywhere else in the mortgage industry.

If the mortgage game is constantly building new walls and obstacles, we want your company to act like a rubber ball, able to navigate, adjust, and bounce back from just about anything that comes its way. The We give you the tools, encouragement, and inspiration necessary to keep compliant – and keep your sanity.

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