What is The Coop? Learn how The Coop can change the way your mortgage bank communicates

What Is The Coop?

The Coop Makes Your Team into Mortgage Lending Superheroes


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"The Knowledge Coop brings energy and fun to what could otherwise be an overwhelming amount of information. They set a great atmosphere."

Clint Edwards Clint Edwards Finance of America Mortgage

"I have worked with the folks at Knowledge Coop for about a decade and across all kinds of topics. Ken Perry and team put the "fun" in fundamentals for required."

Eric Wiley Eric Wiley Senior Vice President/ Chief Operation Officer Pacific Residential Mortgage, LLC

" The Coop serves as a vehicle for training employees, a resource to best practices by way of open discussion panels and provides me the confidence of compliance as the industry continues to evolve. Mahalo Knowledge Coop!"

Ho'olaea Andrade Ho'olaea Andrade Founder Pacific Isle Lending Group, LLC

Put the Power of Collective Knowledge to Work for Your Lenders

  • Learn, Share, Ask, and Answer in This Powerful Learning Management System
  • Stay Safe with Ultra-Secure Intranet Capabilities
  • Access New and Engaging CE and Training Content Added Every Two Weeks
  • Keep Always-Up-to-Date Info at Your Fingertips
  • Build a Collective Knowledge Base Inside Your Personalized dashboard
  • Connect Directly with Industry-Leading Experts in the Admin Coop
  • Eliminate Unnecessary Emails and Constantly Repeated Questions
  • Complete, Track, and Report On Your Activities All in One Place

Be Ready for Anything

Coop membership means your people will have 24/7 access to what they need – whether it's common questions that get answered once and for all, compliance rules that have recently been updated, your company’s policies and procedures, or reminders about tasks that need to be done. Harness the knowledge your smart, motivated employees already have, and give them the tools to share it with one another so everyone can succeed.

A New Way to Work

Complete, track, and report on your compliance activities all in one place. Thanks to The Coop's reporting system, your licensing officer will thank you ahead of time, and your bulky email inbox will be significantly lighter. Phew! No more sorting through group messages and threads – in The Coop, it's all in one spot. Oh, and if you have new staff joining your team, our employee onboarding system makes it easier than ever to get them all trained and ready to go.

Compliance Through
Connection and Collaboration

Think of The Coop as the common thread between you, your people, and the entire mortgage industry. Rather than battling a hundred emails and asking the same questions as countless other mortgage companies, joining The Coop allows connection and collaboration between you, your people, and fellow industry experts. What are the leading minds saying about this or that compliance topic? What's your group working on right now? Find out in The Knowledge Coop.

Engaging Continuing Education and Training Content at your Fingertips

All of our online courses are NMLS approved, and we strive to make CE training not only super informative, but so entertaining you’ll want to binge-watch our videos Okay, so maybe we don't have computer-simulated dragons at our disposal, but we seriously want your people to enjoy CE and training as much as possible!

A Custom Coop for Every Company

The Coop is essentially the nest that ensures all your little birdies (employees) can take what they've learned, fly away to do their jobs, then safely return home for recuperation and collaboration. It provides the network and easy organization your company needs to drive success and be Regulation Ready, so when the Auditor comes through, you won't sweat it. Every Coop is different, and we will work with you to make sure your company's Coop is custom-fit to your needs.

See Some of What The Coop Can Do

How Does The Coop Compare?

Feature The Coop Most LMS's Most Intranets Email
Create and assign training
Document storage and search
Ask and answer questions within the system
Active Directory compatible
Customizable look
Task management
Training and task reporting
Compliance forum and knowledge base
Document versioning
NMLS approved CE available in the platform
Roster creation capability
Live tech support included
Live rollout and launch support
Meaningful input on future features