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Learn, Share, Ask, and Answer All in One Place 


What is The
Knowledge Coop?

At its most basic level The Coop was born when two crazy software platforms fell in love. Who would have thought a young and energetic Learning Management System and a hardened, ultra-secure Intranet could combine to make something so wonderful? Indeed, their love child, The Coop, is now living out it’s millennial-generation dream of changing the lending world for the better.


A Members-Only
Tool Built for Lenders

Coop Membership gives you and your people access to The Knowledge Coop’s exclusive online platform, designed and operated just for mortgage companies. It lets everyone in your company share information, collaborate, and learn from each other and the leading experts.

Why Join The
Knowledge Coop?

When your team belongs to The Coop, information is instantly available whenever you need it, conversations move out of email and into a powerful communication hub, and files are always up to date and easy to find. Whether you are training your team on your company’s policies and procedures or you are planning your annual retreat, The Coop is where mortgage companies go the learn, share, ask and answer.

Here’s Why the Nation’s Best Lenders Love The Knowledge Coop 


Loan Officers, Underwriters, Loan Processors, and all the other hard-working people dedicated to getting loans into qualified lender’s hands love us because…

  • CE and ongoing compliance training in The Coop is fun!
  • They feel connected to coworkers and empowered with information.
  • They can focus on their real work: selling loans, instead of tracking compliance tasks


Compliance Officers, Managers, Licensing Specialists, and anyone charged with making sure your company stays in compliance with all the complicated lending laws love us because…

  • It’s easy to assign and track all of their compliance activities in one place.
  • Training new people is simple and engaging.
  • Coop Membership is a great retention tool.


Executives, VP’s, mortgage industry leaders of all stripes, and everyone responsible for the company’s profitability and sustainability love us because….

  • They can rest assured that the company is prepared for an audit.
  • They get clear and useful compliance reports from their managers
  • Membership makes compliance easy – helping avoid costly fines.

I want the Wednesday mortgage industry update videos!